With our training, you’ll gain practical strategies for:

  • Creating Calm and Accessible Environments: From design to implementation, you’ll learn to create organized spaces that are both comfortable and reassuring, with a focus on reducing sensory stimuli that may overwhelm individuals on the spectrum.

  • Developing Sensitivity in Reception: You’ll be equipped with resources to train your staff in understanding the needs of individuals with autism, fostering a culture of respectful and inclusive reception.

  • Ensuring Clarity and Predictability: You’ll receive clear information and straightforward instructions to ensure that all guests can navigate your establishment without stress or confusion.

  • Providing Resources and Support: We’ll guide you in offering valuable resources and pertinent information to help individuals with autism and their families fully enjoy their experience in your environment and the surrounding community where your business operates.

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This section focuses on fundamental gestures, the key ones to be acquainted with, which will aid in creating a welcoming atmosphere. It’s inclusive of everyone, extending beyond just friends and family to encompass businesses, tourist venues, gyms, offices, hospitals, and more.

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Enhanced Hospitality Training

This area is designed for individuals seeking to elevate their welcoming approach and seeking tailored training specific to their own endeavors.




La formazione di AFI non sostituisce il lavoro di istituzioni, associazioni,  insegnanti, psicologi, educatori, operatori socio-sanitari e altri specialisti, ma ha l’obiettivo di contribuire a renderlo ancora più efficace.

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